An Iowa energy company has proposed a renewable energy project that they say will allow them to take an important step. The company says that when combined with other projects, enough renewable energy would be created to power all the needs of their current customer base in the state of Iowa.

In a media release, MidAmerican Energy announced plans for a project they call Wind PRIME. The company claims in their filing to the Iowa Utilities Board that the project, which would cost $3.9 billion, would create 2,042 megawatts from wind generation and an additional 50 megawatts from solar. MidAmerican says it would be their 13th renewable energy generation development.

MidAmerican Energy, which is based in Des Moines, also suggested doing studies on other types of "clean generation technologies, including carbon capture, energy storage and small modular nuclear reactors".

In the release, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said,

Iowa is a renewable energy leader, thanks in large part to MidAmerican Energy’s proven track record of clean energy commitments and investments that are a true competitive advantage for our state. MidAmerican’s Wind PRIME is a commitment and investment on a whole new level, cementing Iowa’s clean energy leadership for many years to come. Beyond that, though, the company’s commitment to study and pursue emerging clean energy technologies will help Iowa meet the growing demand for a sustainable economy that manages our carbon footprint.

MidAmerican believes the new project would create over 1,100 full-time construction jobs with 125 full-time workers to handle operations and ongoing maintenance. The company claims it would result in over $21 million in easement payments to landowners each year and would supply approximately $24 million in local property tax payments annually on solar facilities and wind turbines.

If approved by the Iowa Utilities Board, MidAmerican Energy says they expect construction on Wind PRIME to be completed late in 2024.

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