Truer words have never been spoken than what St. Cloud, Iowa Representative Jerry Relph told the Des Moines Register about slow-moving interstate traffic:

You're really supposed to yield if you're a slower-moving vehicle. "

Imagine if that slow-moving vehicle toddling along in front of you in the left lane of an Iowa interstate could face a hefty fine for holding up traffic. It could happen if Relph gets his way. Senators at the Iowa statehouse pushed thru a bill that would result in a $100 fine to those driving slowly in the "fast" (left) lane.

The House considered their own bill, but the deadline passed before any action was taken. However, it could still happen if it's added to an existing bill. Here's the way the Iowa law reads now.

Would this change increase safety or make things worse? It would certainly help alleviate some frustration behind the wheel and maybe cut down on tailgating. What do you think? Is a $100 fine for slowpokes a good idea, or unnecessary?

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