The new 260,000 square-foot building that will be home to the North Liberty Lightning is nearing completion. My brother-in-law, Gary, is one of the Foreman on the job for McComas-Lacina Construction of Iowa City. He took Julie and me on a private tour of the building that seems bigger than some small towns. It, literally, took two hours to cover the entire school. We condensed it down to two minutes for you. Here's a look inside:

Here are a couple incredible stats. The building itself has 550 doors and the total amount of land owned by the school district in that spot is 75 acres. Room for all the sports fields that will be built around it but also enough space for future expansion of the school, which will undoubtedly be needed.

Here's the most random fact you'll hear about the new school... Gary tells me all the lockers in the school were made and installed by those in the Iowa prison system.

When the classes of 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 first walk through the doors of the new school in a couple months, I think they'll be very impressed. I know I was.

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