Ingrid Andress knows first-hand that you shouldn't believe everything you read online. Earlier this month, the singer-songwriter stopped by the CMA Awards Radio Row to share the craziest rumor she's ever heard about herself with Taste of Country's Adison Haager.

"One of the most Googled things [about me] is 'Ingrid Andress husband.' I don't have a husband," Andress explains. "And somebody, literally, they say, 'Ingrid's married to a soccer player, and it's Abby Wambach. It's what the Internet says."

Sure enough: A quick Internet search reveals the rumor, tying Andress to the Soccer Hall of Famer and Olympian. But under deeper scrutiny, the story starts to be pretty clearly fake, as Wambach has been married to author Glennon Doyle since 2017 -- and a May 2022 spread in Architectural Digest even showcases the California home the soccer star and her wife share together.

Andress can personally deny the rumor, too. "Mmm, I am not, actually, but we can let that rumor keep going," she jokes. "My boyfriend's like, 'What are you not telling me?' I'm like, 'This is literally the most fake thing I've ever seen in my whole life.'

But there's nothing wrong with a little celebrity crush, and when asked what celeb she'd like to go under the mistletoe with, Andress thinks about it for a second before naming one ruggedly handsome Scottish actor.

"I think Gerard Butler is cool. You know, a rustic man. Love it," she adds.

In musical news, Andress recently celebrated her latest No. 1 country radio hit with "Wishful Drinking," her duet with Sam Hunt. Her most recent album, Good Person, dropped in late August.

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