I saw someone post on social media last night that they weren't going to watch The Grammys because they just knew it was going to get political. I get it. We all would like moments in our life to be political free. Some people want that to be their enjoyment of music. And yes, there were definitely some politically charged moments at the 2017 Grammys. But if that is why you didn't watch, you missed so much.

What I love about the Grammy Awards are the collaborations that you get. Some work, and some, well, are like Metallica and Lady Gaga. But when they work they are amazing! Take Maren Morris and Alicia Keys! Two amazing female voices singing the song 'Once'. Alicia has won Grammy Awards before while Maren picked up her first Sunday night. She more than held her own. It was a proud moment for the country genre for one of it's rising stars.

Speaking of genres of music, can we talk about that for just one minute. I get that we all have our musical tastes. But there is no need to put down something that clearly many other people like. I stand up for country music all the time, but I get it if it's not your cup of tea. I feel that way about other musical categories. But I still respect them and are more often than not amazed by their musical talents.

That said, I feel that the night belonged to two people. Two talents just stand out to me and scream 'Wow'. Adele. First with the opening number and then the George Michael tribute. She stopped the number, swore on live TV, apologized, and then delivered the performance with more heart and emotion than before. It added drama to the performance. I'm not sure who else could pull that off. The other performer that does it for me is Bruno Mars. All that talent packed into that tiny frame. His opening number was cheesy, over the top and flat out awesome. Then Bruno capped off his night in his tribute to Prince. Decked out in an outfit straight out of 'Purple Rain', Bruno strutted through 'Let's Go Crazy' complete with a kick ass guitar solo at the end.

Sure, there were political performances and they'll be discussed on other shows today. But not this one. For me, it's always been about the music. And if you skipped the Grammy Awards you missed some of the best music we have.

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