Have you ever been out hunting, camping or hiking and run across something with purple paint on it?

Maybe it was a fence, maybe a line of trees…well, it’s probably not a tribute to Prince or a natural phenomena. It’s likely a warning sign that says “you need to leave“

In nearby states like Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas a law known as “the Purple Paint Law“ is equivalent to a “no trespassing“ sign on private property. It's not a "law" in Iowa but you may still see it on private lands in the Hawkeye state.

The reason landowners choose purple paint to mark property lines is because it sticks out, especially in nature. Even people who are colorblind can usually see the color purple.

According to Snopes the purple paint law helps landowners from having to “continually replace printed no trespassing signs that frequently end up being stolen or eradicated by the elements“

So be alert, and be respectful if you’re out in nature and not sure if you’re on public or private property. If you notice purple paint on a fence or posted on anything where you might be traipsing about, be careful.

It could literally save you from having the hounds released.[Snopes]

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