I'm so outraged right now. WHAT is the matter with people?!

These are photos of two dogs found in Dallas County, Iowa near the town of Dawson. They were found in the Raccoon River March 16. Authorities with the Dallas County Sheriff's Office believe that each was shot in the face before being left there. They think someone "from that area or north of that area placed them in the river." They're asking for the public's help identifying the dogs to try to get to the person/people who perpetrated this horrific crime.

Dallas County Sheriff's Office Iowa
Dallas County Sheriff's Office Iowa

I don't know for sure what type of dogs these are and it honestly doesn't matter. However, as a Sheltie owner, I can tell you that all I see is the dog at home that I love so much. What kind of a monster?!

Amy Heinz of AHeinz 57 Pet Rescue and Transport told KCCI,

We got two dogs from Dawson that look much like these dogs, so they're probably littermates. You know, somebody called from Dawson and said, 'Can you take these two dogs?' And we said yes, so why didn't the person that did this just call?'

A $1,000 reward is being offered by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. Anyone with any info should call the Sheriff's Office in Dallas County at (515) 993-4567.

Yesterday, the Iowa House approved a bill increasing penalties for animal abusers in Iowa. The Senate has it now. Pass it and get it to Governor Reynolds now. PLEASE.