I don't ever like to admit when I'm wrong, but I'll admit it, I wish I took COVID a bit more seriously.

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After two years, I finally caught it. That's right, I have COVID and it's all my fault.

Earlier in the week, I noticed that I was feeling a bit congested. With the change in temperatures and weather, I honestly took it for allergies. Usually, as soon as pollen is even mentioned I start to sneeze. My nose is like a constantly running tap at the beginning of spring.

I know that's a really hot mental image...


I didn't think it was any different from my typical seasonal allergies besides a bit of a sore throat and headache.

After reading one of our own articles about how COVID hasn't gone away, I decided to just try out one of the at-home COVID tests I had at home... You know, just to be safe... Welp...

Kerri Mac
Kerri Mac

After taking THREE at-home tests all three came back positive.

Two years and two months after the initial global shutdown due to the virus I finally got it. And let me tell you...it kind of stinks.

I honestly thought that COVID was completely behind us, but it turns out that different variants are coming back with a bit of a vengeance. Luckily, from the looks of things, they aren't fatal like previous variants.

According to the New York Times, reports of new COVID cases have doubled over the course of the past month. Experts are saying it's mainly due to the spread of Omicron subvariants across the United States.

The number of reported COVID cases in Iowa went up at the beginning of the month, according to the official Iowa COVID tracker.

Why didn't I think about these COVID details when I first started sniffling? I probably would have saved myself so much time and grief if I just connected the dots a few days earlier.

I am lucky that I'm young and healthy. My worst fear is that I could have given this to someone whose body might not be able to put up the same fight as mine.

Not having symptoms is even worse than having them! The majority of COVID transmission is asymptomatic! Nearly 60% of virus spread starts with people who don't have any symptoms, according to ABC News.

I'm not going to tell you how to go about living your life, but I do want to remind you that it never hurts to just be a bit careful as we try to go back to normal.

So, just remember to stay positive and test negative!

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