I also saved myself a trip to the ER with this trick that I learned online!

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I've been kind of in a bind for the past few months...literally. After freaking out over a possible trip to the emergency room or making an embarrassing call to the doctor, it turns out that sometimes all you need is a bit of patience and some floss.

I am not a medical professional. Please be smart and careful when doing this because it CAN HURT.

A few years ago my aunt on my mother's side passed away rather suddenly. She was also my godmother, so we had always had a very close relationship.

Our family is also very, VERY Irish and we've always tried to embrace that side of our identity. My mom was the oldest of SIX children, and each of them received something called a claddagh ring from my grandmother.

Even if you've never heard of a claddagh ring, you've absolutely probably seen one. It's a simple ring with a heart, two hands, and a crown on top. It's a very common and important piece of jewelry in Irish culture.

Each piece of the ring is meant to symbolize something very important.

The heart is obviously a symbol of love, the hands are a sign of friendship, and the crown is meant to represent loyalty.

It also is meant to be worn in a very specific way depending on the status of the person wearing it.

If you're single you should, "Wear the ring on the right hand with the heart facing outward from your body."

If you're in a relationship you have to, "Wear the ring on the right hand with the heart facing inwards."

If you're engaged, "Wear the ring on the left hand on the third finger with the heart pointing outwards."

Finally tied the knot? Well, you now have to, "Wear the ring on the left hand on the third finger with the heart pointing inwards."

When my aunt passed the ring went back to my grandmother, and then when my grandmother died a few years later I inherited it. It's always been very special to me. I wore it throughout college and my first few years out in the workforce.

I'm not one to wear too much jewelry, so there would be periods of time when I'd take the ring off and keep it away for safekeeping. It would never be for too long. Maybe a few days or even weeks.

However, a few months ago I was really missing my aunt, so I put the solid gold band back on the proper finger. A few days later it was starting to itch a bit, so I tried to take the piece of jewelry off my finger...but it was stuck.

And there was no way it was getting off anytime soon.

It took me a few months and a whole lot of random Tik Tok and YouTube searches to find the way to get it off my finger.


A few months later, I actually found a trick that saved me an emotional trip to the emergency room AND my aunt's beautiful ring.

How To Get A Stuck Ring Off Your Finger

First off, don't do this if you don't think you can complete the process. This entire trick depends on you messing with your finger's blood flow.

1. Find some floss

2. Put the floss underneath the ring facing into your palm 

3. Pull the floss end out towards your palm on the other side of the ring

4. Wrap the floss around your finger up to around your knuckle

5. Start unwrapping it from the other side of the ring

6. Work the ring up and off your finger

THIS MAY HURT! The entire process is meant to flatten out any of the parts of your finger the ring can't go over. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! I thought this was the only way to get the ring off my finger without having to get it cut off. Your finger will look a bit like a very tiny mummy.

My finger does still have a mark from removing the ring a few days ago. While it's a bit purple, I feel much better and happier because the ring is no longer stuck on me!


For a visual example of what the process looks like check out this video down below!

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