A self-conscious wife felt jaded after discovering her husband chose an unflattering photo of her as his lock screen on his phone, as well as had more than one hundred pics of her on his device... so she deleted them.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words — and on occasion, it's a candid photo that means the most to our loved ones, even when it's not the most flattering.

The anonymous woman shared her story on Reddit, where she wrote that she "hates" the photos her husband took of her when she was pregnant.

Pregnancy left her feeling less than confident, so much so that she asked her friends and family to refrain from taking photos of her.

While she thought that most people obliged her request, she discovered that her husband had gone against her wishes and had several photos saved on his phone of her from her time pregnant – one of which he used as his lock screen while on a business trip.

"When I asked him about it, he told me he had missed me/the baby while he was away, and that's why he took the picture and changed it to his lock screen," the woman shared via Reddit's AITA thread.

"He admitted he had forgotten to change it back before he got home and that every time he went on a business trip, he was changing it to pictures of me pregnant," she wrote.

"Upset" by the revelation, she asked her husband to delete the photo. Suspicious that he might not follow through with her request, however, she decided to peek through his phone only to find more than 100 candid pregnancy photos.

"I had a nagging feeling that he hadn't actually deleted it, so I checked his phone. He had more than 100 pictures of me pregnant, all taken without me noticing, including the one I asked him to delete."

So, she took maters into her own hands and "deleted all of them."

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"Yesterday, he noticed and was really upset over it," the woman continued. "We had an argument, and he made a big show of changing his phone passcode and implied he had the pictures backed up."

Across more than 3,000 comments, Reddit users were equally divided in their reactions to the woman's situation and reaction.

Some users agreed that they would have reacted the same way by deleting the photos and stated that sensitive photos should never have been taken without permission.

Others, however, explained that her husband was showing his love for her and his family.

One Reddit user shared, "You cannot go into his phone and delete photos. He isn't posting them on socials, just keeping them for himself. I think it's sweet. You sound like you have some pretty serious body hang-ups, and I would encourage you to talk to someone about that."

Another argued: "No, it is absolutely not sweet, in my opinion, to disrespect such an easy request (no pictures of me pregnant). It doesn't matter if the reason is a mental health issue or not. If she doesn't want pictures taken, he should not take them, especially without her consent!"

Another comment tapped the "problem" as "sweet" only to be met with the users disagreeing, one of which who said, "It's creepy."

"It's her boundary, and he doesn't care at all. And because it's a 'sweet' photo, it's ok?" sayid another Redditor. "Because she is just vain? What if she didn't have teeth, and he took a ton of pictures when she wasn't wearing dentures even though she hated the way that looked? Is that sweet?"

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