Hunter Hayes just teased his yet-unnamed fourth album with the bittersweet breakup anthem, "One Good Reason." Press play above to listen to the new track.

The song, written by Hayes and Sam Ellis, finds its lead character trying to figure out a way to pin the blame on his former significant other. As the title teases, the protagonist eventually gives up that futile cause, admitting that he's still in love and deserves to shoulder a lion's share of the responsibility.

"One good reason not love you / One good reason wouldn't even be enough to / Un-paint all these pictures / There's no way to un-remember," Hayes sings in the song's chorus. "I'd love to just un-love you / I've tried but I can't find / One good reason."

It's a sad country song, no doubt, even if the spurned lover's internal conversation ends with an admission that "one good reason" wouldn't justify "un-remembering" the good times attached to a once-prosperous relationship.

This theme of the internal strife that comes with relationship issues makes the song painfully relatable to most anyone, even the former high school sweethearts with decades of marital bliss burying the heartbreak, or anyone else who -- at least on the surface --seems to have it made in the shade in the love department. There's no telling if the studio trickery you hear involves just three chords, but Hayes delivers at least half of Harlan Howard's formula for good country music: The truth.

Hayes recently wrapped his Spring 2019 Closer to You Tour, following the release of "Heartbreak," his first single in three years. At the time of the song's release, Hayes indicated that "Heartbreak" and the batch of new material it came from encapsulated an energy and enthusiasm that, as a songwriter, he hadn't felt in a long time.

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