Do you think you know Iowa pretty well? If so, then it should be easy for you to breeze through these quizzes. Sporcle is a site containing hundreds of quizzes, trivia, and games. While browsing through the site I found a bunch of Iowa quizzes and decided to test my knowledge. This first one was pretty easy, but I definitely had to think about it for a bit. See if you can name all of Iowa's bordering states in the quiz below. You have one minute...No cheating!

How did you do? If you thought that was easy, don't get too comfortable because this next one may take some thinking. I must admit, I could only name 14 of these cities. But, I'm not an Iowa native so cut me some slack! Try it for yourself and see if you can unscramble all 20 Iowa city names.

If you nailed these quizzes, congratulations! You're a true Iowan. If not, oh least you learned a little something.

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