Adult-only weddings are not an uncommon thing, but what do you do when someone wants to bring their kids anyways?

Somebody I know is in a little bit of a pickle, and I was hoping to get some advice for her.

This person, let's call her "Anna," is very excited about her upcoming wedding. For the ceremony, guests of all ages are invited, but the reception is going to be adults only. Several factors went into this decision, but the biggest one is the cost. The reception is being held at a fancy venue, and to invite all the young children for both sides of the family would add an extra expense. Anna and her fiance both knew that some people in their families wouldn't be too thrilled with this decision, but felt it was their best option. They tried to make it as clear as possible on the invitation that the reception is for adults only, without having to write "NO KIDS ALLOWED" in big, bold letters, but some of the guests didn't get the hint. She addressed the invitations to the specific names of all the adults invited, and on the RSVP there was a spot that indicated how many people were invited to the wedding, and the guest was asked to fill in the blank with how many will actually be attending. It's set up like this:

"___ of 2 will be attending."

As clear as that might seem to some, one of the guests crossed out the number of invited guests and wrote in that 5 will be attending. Even though the invitation clearly states that only two were invited.

I'm sure you can see the problem here.

Anna's question is: How does she tell these people that their young children are not invited to the reception, without offending or upsetting them? It's nothing personal, but she still wants to stand her ground on the issue.

So, what should Anna do? Are adult-only wedding receptions a bad idea? Leave your comments below!

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