Nothing is more annoying than when you get in the car to head to work and you CAN'T leave because you're windshield is all fogged up with frost. No worries, a guy who used to work at NASA has figured out the secret to a faster defrost!

There is apparently an ultimate combination of things you can do to defrost your windows as fast as you possibly can. After conducting a series of experiments, a guy named Mark Rober claims to have come up with the absolute best way to clear away that fog, and in half the time! These are the 4 steps:

  1. Turn your heat on full blast
  2. Turn on the a/c
  3. Make sure the air circulation in your car is off
  4. Crack the windows

If that sounds confusing to you (turn the heat on AND the air?), check out the video for an explanation on how it works:

[Via Gizmodo]


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