Thanks to a viral Facebook post, we took a little trip down memory lane yesterday!

This week, we discovered a very popular post on Facebook asking people to name a store that "ages" them. There were an endless number of comments with folks sharing memorable businesses from their area that no longer exist, so we thought it might be fun to do our own version on our station Facebook page. Our post focused just on businesses that used to be located here in Eastern Iowa. We started things off by naming Armstrong's Department Store.

After nearly 24 hours, the photo had around 500 comments! We have chosen some of the popular comments and listed them below. See how many of these Eastern Iowa businesses from the past that you remember:

  • Gina LaHue - "Ford's Shoes. My mom shopped there for her shoes when I was a little girl."
  • Brian Gardemann - "Woolworth’s"
  • Diane Friedlein Schnoes - "Montgomery Ward"
  • Lori Coster - "Kresge Store at Lindale Mall before it was enclosed."
  • Michelle Roland - "The Disney store inside of Lindale"
  • Trisha Arnold Ender - "Paramount Pharmacy on the corner of Johnson Ave and 18th St. We went there all the time for candy!!!"
  • Angie Kremer - "Bishop's Restaurant (I'll never get over it closing)"
  • Melea Roan - "Kay Bee Toys in Westdale Mall. My favorite store as a kid."
  • Nikki Sunderman - "Chapman’s Fun World"
  • Kelsey Graves - "K’s Merchandise and Econofoods"
  • Penny Van Dee - "Killian's and Cramer's downtown!"
  • Charlina Hurt - "Kieck's in lower level of Hy-Vee on 32nd St."
  • Kimberly Pladna - "ChiChi’s! It was my grandma's favorite."
  • Chelsey Lichty - "RJ Boar’s BBQ"
  • Amy Evans - "Jacks on 16th Ave NW"
  • Denise White - "Randall's Foods or SunMart"
  • Lori Archer - "Ben Franklin or Pamida"
  • Joyce Rublack - "Henry’s Hamburgers, Jack & Jill Grocery"
  • Kim Port Heady - "Shakey's, Famous Dillburger"
  • Lynn Lange Schliemann - "Giant Store on 16th"

If you can think of another Eastern Iowa business that no longer exists, feel free to leave it in the comments below!

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