Hot Country Knights' "Pick Her Up" music video features a woman you'll recognize if you were alive in the '90s.

Yes, that's actress Tiffani Amber Thiessen, who portrayed Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell and Valerie Malone on Beverly Hills: 90210. The Knights try to help a guy win her love in this video.

He scores a date with his dream girl, and the Knights buy him a new truck, make a plan of attack and even bring in an inflatable doll. The video concludes with the couple having a great date night while Travis Tritt and the Knights perform a concert for them.

“Travis Tritt is our longtime spirit animal and we have spent many a long night in the back of the van dreaming of working with or maybe even FOR Tiffani,” Dierks Bentley's alter ego, Doug Douglason, says in a press release. Hot Country Knights is the country star's side project that he says is becoming more of a full-time gig. “When UMG finally came around and signed us ... they were two of our demands for the music video.”

“She’s an honorary Knight,” Douglason tells Billboard of Thiessen. “She held her own. I think she might even have made the video better by being in it, which is saying a lot because we were in it … Country music's about to get saved by the bell to be honest. We were lucky we showed up in just the nick of time to rescue it. It’s getting pretty bleak out there. People want to hear kickass country music.”

The new tune was written by Brett and Jim Beavers with Bentley during his Seven Peaks Music Festival. The single will impact country radio on Feb. 3.

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