On August 12 in Dyersville, the Chicago White Sox played and defeated the New York Yankees 9-8 in dramatic fashion as Tim Anderson delivered a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 9th.

Altogether, eight home runs were mashed into the cornfields on that hot and humid summer evening.

But were all those home run balls recovered?

Nearly two months later, one of the eight home run balls was discovered beyond the left-center field fence by one of the staff members at the Field of Dreams.

On October 7th, The Field of Dreams Movie Site Twitter Account tweeted that one of their employees had possibly recovered one of the home run balls from the historic game.

If indeed it IS one of the home runs balls from the game, who hit it? Remember, it was found in the area just left of center field.

NOT Jose Abreu. In the bottom of the first inning, Abreu hit his 23rd round-tripper just over the left-field fence.

NOT EITHER of Aaron Judge's blasts. In the third inning, #99 homered to right field and in the ninth inning, he also homered to right. So it wasn't either of those balls.

In the third inning, Eloy Jimenez also homered to right field, so it wasn't his ball that was found.

White Sox catcher Seby Zavala launched his two-run homer to right field in the 4th inning.

Yankees veteran Brett Gardner homered to right field in the sixth inning and the game-winner slugged by White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson was also hit to right field.

That leaves only Giancarlo Stanton's mammoth home run in the top of the ninth that gave the Yankees the lead. 

Here's every home run that was hit that night:


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