"Hogs for Heroes" Bike Nights are back at Wild Hogs Saloon and Eatery in Walford and not only is there live music the third Thursday of every month this summer, but you can also win some really cool stuff!

Wild "Hogs for Heroes" Bike Nights are perfectly named because they support two wonderful organizations/initiatives: the Teufelhund Veteran Group (TVG) and Eastern Iowa Honor Flights (EIHF). Check out who is performing live at each of this year's five events HERE.

In addition to all the great drinks and Wild Hogs food at each "Hogs for Heroes" Bike Night, you can also support TVG and EIHF by purchasing tickets for the chance to win this brand new Trail Runner Toy Hauler:

Michelle and the crew at Wild Hogs have HUGE hearts and have done a lot of fundraisers over the years. They've created a quilt from t-shirts from many of those events. Here are a couple of examples that are included:

  • Hope for Hailey's Heart: A fall 2013 fundraiser for a girl who received her new heart on Valentine's Day 2014.
  • Kim Thacker: Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. She's cancer-free today!

You can see the quilt below. The toy hauler and quilt will both be given away at the September 19 event.

Jen Zoller
Jen Zoller

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