Remember when we were kids and we had to write our Christmas wish list and send it to the North Pole?  Not in 2016! Now we have apps for that! If you're looking for a more personal way for your kids to get ahold of Santa, here are a couple that you might try!

First of all, did you know that you can actually CALL Santa? He has his own hotline you know! Kids, get your parents to help you dial this number. (951)-262-3062. You'll hear from Santa himself and he'll let you record your wish list so you don't get left out on Christmas day!

Or, how would you like to receive a call from Santa? Just download the app called 'Personalized Call From Santa'. It's free in the App Store and Google Play Store. Enter some information, and you can get a call from Santa and your kid's picture will even pop up on the phone when he calls! A note to parents, only the first call is free which raises a dilemma when you've got more than one child like I do.

Don't wait to let Santa know what you want for Christmas! Call now!