If you've ever wanted to learn how to line dance, here's your chance! Hazzard County in Downtown Cedar Rapids has begun offering line dancing lessons, and the best part is... they're free!

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This past weekend, Hazzard County, located at 402 2nd Avenue SE, officially kicked off their free line dancing lessons. According to the official Hazzard County Line Dancing Facebook page, the classes will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Friday nights. The instructor's name is Chia Antonio Fernandez, and he's ready to teach people of all experience levels! He moved to Cedar Rapids from Texas about 6 months ago, so he says that the style of dancing he's teaching in one that many people here may have never seen before. He shared a video of his dance skills on Facebook, and the caption reads:

"I will be having beginners, intermediate, and advanced classes that involve lifts and dips. No matter what level you are currently at, I've never had a student I couldn't teach, so come out and learn!!!"

Check out some of Chia's moves!

See y'all Friday!

Posted by Hazzard County Line Dancing on Monday, February 15, 2021

Since moving to Iowa over six years ago, I've picked up a few (very basic) moves over at Hazzard County, despite my severe lack of dance skills. I know the line dances to "Copperhead Road" and "Good Time" by Alan Jackson, but those don't require a partner. I don't even want to know how uncoordinated I'd look attempting to do any of those fancy moves! But hey, I guess that's what lessons are for!

Chia also mentioned on Facebook that he will be doing free swing dancing lessons at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday nights at Hazzard. For more information on any of the dance lessons at Hazzard County, you can follow them on Facebook HERE.

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