Like most iPhone owners, I use my phone for nearly everything. Music, the internet, banking, and yes, my alarm in the morning. Well, this morning my iPhone failed me and I was late for work! At first, I thought my phone had died because of a faulty charge cord. But something else is at play.

When I woke up in a panic this morning, I discovered that my iPhone was turned off. I powered it on and expected to see a low battery. Nope. 100% charged. So why did my phone shut off for some reason during the night while it was charging? I did some investigating online and some people suggested doing a hard reboot of the iPhone or resetting the phone altogether.

I also discovered several articles from late 2016 that talked about battery problems that some iPhone 6 owners suffered. They were so widespread that Apple offered new batteries at no cost. So is my iPhone 6 one of those phones? Or is there something else wrong?

If you have an iPhone 6, has your phone ever just shut off on its own?



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