Don't get me wrong, I LOVE pumpkin spice flavored goodies. Frappuccinos, cookies, cupcakes... it's one of the best parts of fall! I  think they might be taking it too far with this new product, though.

My favorite season of all time just happens to be fall. I love ALL OF IT. One of the biggest fall trends from the past few years is pumpkin spice flavored EVERYTHING. The products are seemingly endless! Some really good, and some not so good (pumpkin spice BURGERS... really?)

Get ready for the newest pumpkin spice product... Peeps?

Yep, you heard me. The marshmallow Easter treat has a new fall flavor collection, including candy apple, candy corn (gross), and pumpkin spice.

The only flavor that sounds even slightly good is candy apple. Candy corn is just awful! And pumpkin spice just sounds too heavy for a sweet, sugary Peep. Not that I even like Peeps to begin with, so I guess it doesn't really matter.

If you're interested in these new Peeps, they will hit shelves for a limited time on August 31st.

[Via Time]

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