Hardy might still be a newlywed, but he's already got parenthood on his mind.

During a recent conversation with Taste of Country and other outlets, the singer said he's just waiting on the go-ahead from his wife Caleigh — whom he married in October — to get the ball rolling on expanding their family.

"We're not trying yet, but hopefully soon," the "Wait in the Truck" star says. "Because I'm ready to rock whenever she is."

Hardy has never been all that shy about his desire to be a dad someday — his song "Boyfriend," from his 2020 debut album A Rock, is a love song that contains a reference to "babies and diamond rings" — and now that he and Caleigh have tied the knot, he's already dreaming about the kind of dad he'll be one day, and how he hopes to share his love of music with his future kids.

"The one thing I definitely want to instill in my children that my dad instilled in me is rock 'n' roll music at, like — I'm gonna play death metal for our kids when they're, like, six months old," he says. "Not just death metal, but all of it."

In general, Hardy says, he grew up with music at the forefront of his family life, and he wants to make sure his children are raised the same way.

"I want to make music a Top 3 life thing in general. Because that's the way it was in my family, and it molded who I am," he goes on to say. "It's such a huge part of my life. It's helped me through so many things ... I want my kids to experience the same thing. So I'll be a big music dad, obviously."

But Hardy's wife might draw the line at one level of musical bonding between her husband and their child-to-be — the singer suspects she might object to specially-made belly headphones that play music to babies in the womb, a la Jessie James Decker's love for using belly buds while she was pregnant.

"Caleigh would not like that as much as the kid will," Hardy jokes.

For now, the singer is enjoying newlywed life — he and Caleigh recently returned from their honeymoon in Thailand — and preparing to release his new album, The Mockingbird & The Crow, which is due out in January.

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