It's officially county fair season and EVERYONE is getting in on the fun!

There are so many fairs and carnivals throughout eastern Iowa this summer that it's hard to keep track. One Iowa celebrity made an appearance at the Benton County Fair over the weekend.

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Mason Corkery and Gucci the cow captured our hearts a little over a year ago.

Corkery and his bovine bud broke the internet with their hilarious adventures captured on the video-sharing app Tik Tok.

The initial video showed Corkery loading up Gucci into his truck and taking him for a spin.

You can watch the video down below!

However, he really captured national interest when he started taking his steer to some of our favorite fast food places. The video of Corkery taking Gucci to Dairy Queen has been viewed almost 12 million times on Tik Tok.

Over the weekend, the duo visited the Benton County Fair in Vinton. In the video that Corkery posted on his social media it's pretty clear that the bovine was a hit!

Seeing farm animals at a county fair isn't unusual at all. However, this cow that was out and about has a bit more star power than your average farm animal...

But that's just MY opinion...

Children clearly got a kick out of the animal being lead around on a leash at the fair.

Corkery captured Gucci the cow chomping down on some cotton candy, and let me just say it might have been the funniest/most adorable thing I've seen on social media in the past few weeks!

The duo frequently go out and interact with the community, even going to pay visits to nursing homes!

You can watch the full video with all of these sweet reactions down below!

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