The top Powerball prize has now reached a whopping $1.9 billion. It's no surprise at the sheer amount of people who have decided to spend the $3 to enter in on the gargantuan prize.

A group of those people all happen to work at Hall & Hall Engineers Inc. in Hiawatha, Iowa. Though they didn't take home the grand prize, this group of 21 co-workers took home $50,000, of which they will split, equating to $2,381 a person.

Daniel Zirtzman is the one who organized the group, and he along with two of his co-workers came together to collect the prize on Thursday. He told Iowa News Now that he purchased the tickets at a convenience store near their office, the Kwik Star at 1800 Blairs Ferry Road NE in Hiawatha.

He added that when he found out the group had won $50,000 his reaction went like this:

I don't think it was really a thought, it was more of a feeling. I definitely think my heart started racing like crazy and you start sweating a little bit. It's just crazy to think that we won! I don't know, I guess I'm still processing it. And we're definitely going to continue the pool!

According to the news station, the others in the group are:

"From Cedar Rapids: Lindsey Broome, Joshua Feldmann, Susan Forinash, Brent Jackman, Matthew Johnson, Kelda Hankins, Todd Kramer, David Sellnau, David Thoma, Rylee Whitters, and Christopher Zubak.

From Hiawatha: Daniel Zirtzman and Brian Vogel.

From Marion: Jason Stone and Christopher Winter.

Along with: Loren Hoffman of Mount Vernon; Andrew Johnson of Ely; Daniel Knipper of Winthrop; Devin Lawson of Manchester; Jason Santee of Tiffin; and Benjamin Vierling of Vinton."

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