Add Ron Burgundy to your list of "celebrities who call Iowa home." The "hall of fame" newscaster grew up in Haggleworth, Iowa. The first time we met Ron Burgundy was in 2004 when the movie Anchorman was released and he was the star of the 6'clock news, along with his channel 4 news team.

After learning all we have about Ron Burgundy over these years, somehow him growing up in Iowa slipped through the cracks for me. I didn't have a clue Ron was from the Hawkeye state. I did some research (asked some of my coworkers) and somehow found little to no information on Ron's upbringing. After doing some digging, no pun intended, I found out Ron is from the coal mining town of Haggleworth, Iowa. Myself, having little to no knowledge of Iowa history, I wanted to try and figure out where Haggleworth could be. According to this report, it's about right here


Smack dab in the middle of central Iowa. It really makes sense Ron is from Iowa, doesn't it? He has all the signs of being an Iowan. He has great hair, an awesome mustache, he's charming with the ladies and plays an awesome jazz flute. All signs of a classic Iowan.


In Ron's autobiography, "Let Me Off At The Top!"  he describes his father, Claude Burgundy, as a natural-born News Anchor, as was his father and his father before him. "Of course, there was no television or radio station in Haggleworth, Iowa,he says.

On Friday nights his father would

"set up a desk in an Irish bar where the mine workers drank and sang songs of misery. The oil company would pay him to report on all the charitable and civic-minded projects they had in the works, as well as hard-hitting news stories in Haggleworth."



If you've made it this far, first off, thank you. Secondly, if you're wondering "where on earth is Haggleworth, Iowa, I've never heard of that?" that's probably because it doesn't actually exist.

You have to give Will Ferrell, who plays Ron, a lot of credit for the creation and dedication he's had/has for Ron Burgundy. He's appeared as Ron Burgundy on live newscasts, SportsCenter, he's even written an entire book from the perspective of Ron, which was released in 2013. Anchorman is one of the most popular quoted movies amongst Millenials and anytime you hear an Anchorman quote from now on, you'll always be able to bring up the question, "did you know Ron Burgundy is from Iowa?"


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