Last week, Granger Smith announced he would be ending his country music career. However, before that happens, we'll get one last opportunity to see him perform live in Cedar Rapids.

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Smith, who last performed in Cedar Rapids in 2019, recently announced his "Like a River Tour" named after his son who passed away nearly four years ago. River Smith was only three when he was able to get through a pool gate at the family's home and into the swimming pool on June 4, 2019. He died two days later.

Just weeks after the tragic accident, Granger and his wife Amber visited Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas. Granger had gotten a tattoo featuring River's name shortly after his son's passing.

Granger Smith Visits Dell Children's To Present Donation In Memory Of His Son River
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While at the hospital on June 25, 2019, Granger and Amber presented the hospital with a check for more than $200,000. River had been treated there prior to his passing. The matching shirts the couple wore featured an excavator. River's favorite color was red and his favorite thing to do was watch excavators scoop dirt.

Granger Smith Visits Dell Children's To Present Donation In Memory Of His Son River
Getty Images

The following year, Granger told Today that Amber was in the shower and he was outside with all three of the family's children when the incident involving River happened. He said he was only 20 feet away, playing with his daughter, and didn't hear a thing. He recalled, "There wasn't a splash, there wasn't any kind of call for help. I just saw him. I turned around, and I saw him."

Last week, Smith revealed that after doing 11 studio albums and numerous tours, he is leaving country music to pursue ministry. He says he's become much more religious since River's death and has already begun work on a degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Smith, who last year starred in a movie on Prime Video called "Moonrise", also has a book out on August 1 called 'Like a River: Finding the Faith and Strength to Move Forward After Loss and Heartache'.

Granger Smith's "Like a River Tour" will visit the McGrath Amphitheatre in Cedar Rapids on Friday, July 21. It will feature Granger as well as his alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr. Tickets go on sale this Friday, April 21. It's one last opportunity to enjoy his terrific live concert and show support for his family's hurt that we all know will never go away.

Information on the KHAK presale, and additional information on the show, are available here.

You can enter to win four tickets to the concert below. The contest ends on Sunday, April 30 at 11:59 p.m.

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