Out of all the industries to figure out consumer spending during a pandemic, the cell phone industry is stepping up and providing budget options on major carriers. Google released their long anticipated Pixel 4a yesterday. It's a phone that features many of the top notch features as a regular Pixel phone with one big difference. The price tag. The new Pixel 4a will start at just $349.

Yes, $349 is still a lot of money to drop on an item when money is tight. But compare that price to the cost of higher end phones offered from Samsung and Apple that can cost over $1,000. CBS2 reports that the new Pixel 4a will be available on Monday, August 20th. The release was delayed for months due to supply problems created by the ongoing pandemic.

Google isn't the first cell phone giant to lower their price point in the name of sales. A little company named Apple did the same thing around 4 months ago when it released it's iPhone SE price at $399. CBS2 reports that the move by Apple helped to spur iPhone sales during soaring unemployment numbers as the country plunged into a recession spurred on by the coronavirus. Apple's iPhone shipments between April and June were actually UP 11%, largely due to the popularity of the new SE model.

Will this new phone from Google prove to be an iPhone killer? No so fast my Android friends. Google has been sellling around 10 million phones per year since 2016, so Apple and Samsung can rest easy. Speaking of Samsung, their new Galaxy device will be unveiled on Wednesday. Expect a much higher price tag.


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