Whenever you're in need of an immediate answer to something, what do you do? You Google it! Google is an incredibly useful tool that internet goers use everyday. This helpful search engine will even automatically complete your sentences for you based on what most people Google about that subject or with that phrase.

With people all over the world searching for answers to their questions, you can image how interesting some of the Google autocomplete results can be. This is especially true when Goggling your state. TwentyTwoWords.com put together a graphic of the U.S. map with the each states' results when Googling "Why does [Insert State Name]..."

When you Google 'Why does Iowa..', the result you get is 'Why does Iowa vote first'. The answer to that question is a whole other topic, but NPR does a good job of explaining it here if you're interested. I guess we have our caucus to thank for Iowa's result. Here's the full Goggle autocomplete results when we put in the phrase:


Iowa's result was a lot better than some of the other states. Just look at what people think of some of the other U.S. states:

  • Why does Nebraska...smell.
  • Why does Kansas...have so many tornadoes.
  • Why does Arkansas...have the highest obesity rate.
  • Why does Texas...want to secede.
  • Why does Florida...suck.
  • Why does Rhode Island...exist.

I think Iowans would take voting first over smelling, sucking, or not existing any day.

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