What you saw at last night's 73rd annual Golden Globes: Sylvester Stallone getting his long-awaited moment in the sun, Taraji P. Henson posing her ass off and Jonah Hill pretending he's a bear from The Revenant.

What you didn't see: Zendaya chowing down on french-fry hors d’œuvre, the Transparent cast perfecting human pyramids and Toni Braxton absolutely breaking it down.

Last night (January 10), when NBC's live cameras weren't hot, Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars were still partying, rubbing elbows and — where a small group of winners was concerned — showing off new trophies to anyone within spitting distance. In some cases, the behind-the-scenes goings-on looked more fun than the show itself (Henson's spontaneous cookie delivery might serve as the single exception). And though after-parties and private tables were closed off to mere mortals, we've now managed an inside look.

In the gallery above — which includes red carpet arrivals, in-show action and post-party tomfoolery — we've collected the must-see moments you missed during the ceremony's broadcast. Scanning through may not provide quite the same experience as attending might have, but hey, now you know what it looks like when Quentin Tarantino eats a hamburger or Helen Mirren hovers over a bottle of booze.

Check out the full gallery above for some candid, behind-the-scenes looks at last night's celebrations.

Check out our favorite looks from the Golden Globes red carpet:

Look back at the Golden Globes' most hilarious and unexpected moments:

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