Nothing like Girl Scout cookies to make quarantine just a little better.

As most know it was Girl Scout cookie season and still is but many may have forgotten about this amid COVID-19. Of course, these sales have probably been put on hold because of quarantine and Girl Scouts not being able to make connections with people to sell. Girl Scout booths outside of grocery stores, knocking on neighborhood doors to sell and even meeting up with friends to sell  are the main ways that cookies are sold and then the Girl Scouts hand deliver most cookies in order to sell. However with quarantine this has made it a little difficult but there is a new way to get cookies!

The Girl Scout organization has announced that they will be allowing everyone to order cookies online. All in person sales have been cancelled but those who won't some girl scout cookies or would like to donate some can now buy online at They will be shipped directly to the buyer.

This is definitely a way to make quarantine a little better and still support the Girl Scouts!

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