We get to meet dogs of all sizes during Furry Friday, but this week's pup came in a size small! Meet Burrito, the sweetest little miniature dachshund in all of Iowa:

98.1 KHAK, YouTube
98.1 KHAK, YouTube

Don't let Burrito's small size fool you, though; she's got a BIG personality! Burrito came to Last Hope Animal Rescue partially paralyzed, unable to use her back legs. We're happy to report that after going through some treatments, that is no longer an issue. She's a little wobbly and requires more care and attention than your average dog, but she's so spunky that it's impossible not to love her!

Burrito is good with dogs and cats (although she is a little confused about what cats actually are), so even if you have other pets, she might make the perfect addition to your household! If you'd like to meet her, she's available for adoption at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids. Get all the info that you need HERE.

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