At a recent concert in Saskatoon, Canada, Garth Brooks took the guitar off his back and handed it to a young boy in the audience. In disbelief, the boy and crowd erupted into screams.

"It's only fair that you invite me to your first concert," Brooks says in a clip captured at the show, after handing over his prized instrument. The boy then gives a thumbs up sign in agreement before he holds the guitar up in the air as the audience screams along.

Brooks' Canadian stop was one of many on his Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood. Giving his own guitar away is just one of many surprises highlighted throughout his tour. Brooks has previously said that during each live show his main concern is his fans in the audience.

“You try and make each seat front row, that’s what you do,” he shares. “The more you can get to the people, hopefully the better show they have. The better show they have, the better show you have. If the people are happy, the artist and the band are happy.”

Brooks previously revealed that he will launch a new web series called Inside Studio G in July, which will take fans backstage at the legend's gigs to show them the inner workings of the massive tour and the making of his next album.

“The thing I’m going to love most is getting ready to take you into the new album,” he explains. “Take you into songwriting sessions, take you into recording sessions, see places. You’re going to see the room where ‘The Dance’ was cut. You’re going to see the room we packed 15 people in to sing ‘Friends in Low Places,’ and you’re going to see the new album be created and you’re going to be part of it.”

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