Gabby Barrett hopped on Instagram Stories over the weekend to answer some fan questions, including multiple queries about her pregnancies. The singer is currently expecting her second child, a baby boy, and she and her husband Cade Foehner are also parents to a one-year-old daughter named Baylah.

Barrett says she struggled with some health challenges during her first pregnancy.

"With Baylah, I got a very bad case of [PUPPP] rash that covered my entire body, until after I delivered, and I got postpartum preeclampsia," she explains (quote via Country Now).

A PUPPP rash (short for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy) is an irritating and itchy annoyance, but typically not cause for significant medical concern, according to What to Expect. Postpartum preeclampsia, however, is a rare condition causing high blood pressure to devlop shortly after birth, and can lead to serious complications if not treated.

"I had to get on blood pressure medication when I was 20," Barrett details. "Thankful God provides doctors for help."

Barrett also told fans that her current pregnancy was "not really" planned, but came as a welcome surprise to her and Foehner. Still, she adds, it makes touring more complicated.

“Okay. I love performing. It is getting difficult though," the singer writes. "What people don’t really see is there is alooooooottt of sitting around all day before the show … Which makes everyone groggy. I struggle with very low blood pressure almost everyday in this pregnancy which makes it hard to have energy to perform.”

Barrett is currently on the bill of Jason Aldean's Rock N' Roll Cowboy Tour, but she'll depart the tour after an Aug. 27 date in Darien Center, N.Y. to go on maternity leave. Aldean's enlisting not one, but three openers to take her place: Chase Rice, Tracy Lawrence and Travis Tritt will split the opening spot for the remainder of the dates.

As for baby prep, Barrett adds that there's one very important detail that she and her husband still need to figure out before the newest addition to the family arrives: They've yet to pick out a name for their son!

"We are a bit stuck. We don't have an official full name like we did with Baylah right away," Barrett shares. "We will have to wait and see him."

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