The month of October is 'Adopt A Shelter Dog' month. We work with some amazing animal shelters each week with Furry Fridays. Safe Haven of Iowa County is the shelter featured this week. In honor of the holiday, Kimberly decided that she would bring not one, or two, or three dogs. She brought FOUR dogs to the KHAK studios!

It was a literal puppy party in here! The dogs from Safe Haven were all around 1 year old and of varying breeds. All the dogs were also very familiar with each other, as they play with each other in a playgroup regularly. There was some playful biting, rolling around on the floor and other general horsing around. It was the most fun Furry Friday video we've ever done!

The important thing is to remember that there are hundreds of dogs just like these in shelters just waiting to find a home. If you are able, visit a shelter like Safe Haven and give these dogs the forever home they deserve!

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