Microchipping your dog is a terrific way to be reunited with your pet should he/she get lost. Saturday in Iowa City, you can get it done free.

Iowa City Animal Services is doing the free microchipping for dogs Saturday, June 11 from 9 to noon at Midwest One Bank. The bank is located at 1906 Keokuk Street in Iowa City.

Your dog must be restrained and on a leash at all times and the microchipping is first-come, first served. The event will happen no matter the weather conditions Saturday morning. You'll have to sign a waiver and fill out some basic contact information which is part of the microchipping enrollment.

The first 125 dogs microchipped Saturday morning, will include prepaid registration. What that means is if your pet is found when the microchip is checked, it will automatically connect your contact information to your pet.

Each dog after the first 125 will not include the registration, which is typically around $25. I HIGHLY recommend you register your dog's microchip. It just doesn't make sense not to.

Above is our little guy, Cooper, when he was just a puppy. He's seven now and was microchipped years ago. They're just too precious not to take every precaution you can. You'll NEVER find a better offer than this one.

[via Iowa City Animal Services]