Kids are sure to have a blast at this event on Saturday, August 28.

The skies in downtown Cedar Rapids will be filled with the color of kites on Saturday during Kites on 2nd Avenue, an event that features much more than free kites for the kids. Yes, FREE kites.

Saturday is the first installment of Kites on 2nd Avenue, but it's sure to be a big success. Here's what to expect. Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., kids can get a free kite and put it into the sky. There will be professional kite flying support provided. I know I could've used that when I was young.

In addition to putting together and flying kites, which they get to keep, kids will also be able to color and there will be art stations, with artists.

Kites on 2nd Avenue will be held at the Veterans Memorial Building, on Mays Island, in downtown Cedar Rapids. Restrooms inside the Veterans Memorial Building will be available.

The Kites on 2nd Avenue event is being held in conjunction with the Community of Artists & Veterans. The Facebook page says the Community of Artists & Veterans "is a non-profit, veteran driven organization dedicated to all service members, prior service members and retirees who wish to pursue the Arts."

If you're concerned about traffic, don't be. The city of Cedar Rapids is closing the 2nd Avenue Bridge from 1st Street SW to 1st Street SE for the late-morning/early-afternoon event on Saturday.

Enjoy the day and may your children's kites fly high.

Community of Artists and Veterans
Community of Artists and Veterans

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