Every year we're bombarded with the stories of contestants trying to make their dreams of a singing career come true on the TV show American Idol. Some dreams come true, while other contestants are sent back home to start another dream. Apparently, that dream will even take you to Iowa. A former American Idol contestant isn't making sweet music anymore. Now he's making amazing food.

The singer turned chef we're speaking of is Romeo Diahn. Ten years ago he auditioned for American Idol in Portland, Oregon, according to the Des Moines Register. The show featured his life story of leaving Liberia with his family and coming to the U.S. as refugees. Here is a quick look back at his audition.

Even though Diahn got his golden ticket, he has put the singing on hold for now and has turned to another passion. Food. The Register reports that after putting his musical career on hold, he graduated from culinary school and moved to Des Moines three years ago for a fresh start. Diahn's new Thursday-only restaurant called Chef Tony's Culinary Delights is coming to the Drake neighborhood in Des Moines. It will be in the rental building Kitchen Spaces located at 1139 24th street. The food served is inspired by his mother.

Facebook via Chef Tonys Culinary Delights
Facebook via Chef Tonys Culinary Delights

The Register reports that the menu at Tony's will include cassava leaf stew and steamed rice, baked BBQ pork ribs, and dark meat BBQ chicken. Other southern-inspired dishes will include coleslaw, cornbread, mac and cheese, salads, and more. You can check out of all Tony's great food, with no singing, on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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