One of the biggest questions that people around the world have been asking is will we be able to continue to put food on the table. So many world events have been making people worry and empty shelves have not helped put their worries at ease.

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At the World Pork Expo, Cargill Vice President of Animal Nutrition and Health Ruth Kimmelshue hoped to put people’s minds at ease as she gave what was referred to as a  “State of the Union” of the supply chain.

We should be really, really proud that people didn't go hungry during the pandemic; food was available. The war in Ukraine right now is creating it's a whole other set of challenges. We are very concerned about what happens if supplies of wheat in particular from Ukraine and Russia are shut off.

Kimmelshue says these challenges raise a lot of concern and that Cargill has a unique position when it comes to keeping people fed.

We're in a very, very privileged position, to piece together those supply chains to find ways to bring food from where it is plentiful to where it is a deficit to make sure that people can eat.

Food is not the only part of the supply chain people are worried about. As one attendee at the Expo put it, we are “one hurricane away from running out of diesel”.

But agriculture is regenerative and this is a period of transition says Kimmelshue. While going through this transition, there needs to be a balance between food and fuel- but at the end of the day, food comes first.

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