A new DoorDash competitor could be popping up in Cedar Rapids in the near future! According to a new article from KCRG, a locally-owned food delivery service called Loco is currently in the works.

The reason for Loco is to help local restaurants make more money. The article says that the goal is to take a significantly smaller commission from restaurants, lower delivery fees, and keep money within our community. The focus will be on locally-owned restaurants and franchises. Steve Shriver, one of the Iowa entrepreneurs behind the new delivery service, told KCRG that “it’s going to be fair pay for the drivers, it’s going to be fair revenue for the restaurants and great customer service for the customers.” They expect to pay drivers $15 per hour.

Loco isn't up and running just yet, but the article reports that they hope to launch the service in the next two to three months. The official website promises "lower commission rates ensuring restaurants more profit" and that all the money made will stay local. They are still looking for more investors and restaurants that want to take part in the service.

As someone who uses delivery apps fairly often, I'm excited to have one that will help locally-owned restaurants make more money. We have so many uniquely awesome restaurants here, and I want to keep supporting them as much as I can.

For the latest updates from Loco, you can check out the official website HERE. If you're in the Iowa City area, you can actually already order from a similar service called Chomp, which was reportedly the inspiration for Loco.

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