Whenever you go through a breakup, you need a good friend (or two) by your side -- or, at least, a couple of strategically located ones. Florida Georgia Line are counting on those friends in their brand-new song "Colorado."

Readers can press play above to hear "Colorado," which Florida Georgia Line surprise-released early Friday morning (June 1). The song finds its narrator getting over a breakup by self-medicating thanks to friends in Colorado and Tennessee; if you don't get it, listen to the chorus.

"I've got friends from Colorado / I've got friends from Tennessee / So I've got something in a bottle / And I've got something from a seed," goes the chorus of "Colorado." "Since you said you didn't love me / Since you hung me out to dry / I've been drunk up in the Smokies / On a Rocky Mountain high."

At the same time Florida Georgia Line dropped "Colorado," they released their brand-new single, "Simple." Both songs lean a bit more into "traditional" country sounds and themes, though they mix them with the pop influences for which FGL are known.

"Simple" is the first single from Florida Georgia Line's forthcoming fourth studio album. Except for the inclusion of a Jason Aldean collaboration and the surprise release of "Colorado," no further details about the project -- which will be the followup to 2016's Dig Your Roots -- have been announced.

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