Don't flush away $86 before reading this story.

The Gazette says Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has filed the state's first price-gouging lawsuit related to COVID-19. The initial hoarding of bathroom tissue early on in the pandemic may be subsiding a bit, but an Orange City, Iowa man is still trying to wipe away your hard-earned money on items really high in demand.

Michael Evan Nooteboom tried to sell a 12-pack of toilet tissue for $86, a can of Lysol for $66, a six-pack of Bounty paper towels for $50, and a 12-pack of Bounty paper towels for $120 on E-Bay. After three attempts warning him to cease and desist, he didn't, and now it's going to cost him. He faces up to a $40,000 fine.

Even though the attorney general's office has gotten some 470 other similar complaints, they say in most cases the gougers stopped after one or more warnings.

If consumers spot potential price gouging, they can call the attorney general’s Consumer Protection Division at 1-(888) 777-4590 or email They can also contact the Better Business Bureau of Iowa.

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