Students, faculty, administrators, and parents in Iowa and around the country were on edge today over a social media threat known as "School Shooting Day" and it appears at least one school in the Cedar Rapids Community School District, that threat was nearly acted on.

Marion Independent Schools took action on Thursday by sending an email out to parents that the school district was aware of recent posts on social media that threatened violence against schools on a certain date on a nationwide level. That day was Friday, December 17, and based on this threat, there have reportedly been parents who have left their students out of class to avoid this dangerous potential situation.

At McKinley Middle School in Cedar Rapids, reports of a "firearm incident" have been noted in a media release from the Cedar Rapids Police Department. According to the release, "school officials were alerted by a student that another student had brought a gun to school. This information led school officials to discover a loaded, small-caliber handgun in a student’s locker."

Officers arrived on the scene at McKinley, 620 10th St where school officials had two students detained. One male student was charged with a Class-D felony of Carrying a Firearm on School Grounds. He was taken to the Linn County Detention Center.

It is not noted whether the incident was a coincidence or in any way related to the newest TikTok challenge.

No injuries were reported, and the Cedar Rapids Gazette now says one male student, whose name and age were not disclosed by authorities, faces a felony charge of carrying a firearm on school grounds and was taken to the Linn County Juvenile Detention Center.

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