The tornado outbreak in central Iowa last Thursday was one of the largest in numbers and damage in recent memory and the National Weather Service has released some final numbers on the destructive day.

The National Weather Service now says at least 12 tornadoes touched down in Iowa on July 19th. KCCI reports three of the tornadoes accounted for a total of 17 injuries, but thankfully no one was killed. To this point, specific information has only been released on three of them.

Pella-Marion County

This EF 3 tornado had estimated peak winds of 144 miles-per-hour and at it's largest, was as wide as four football fields. It touched down in Pella at 4:06 p.m. and injured at least six people.

Pella Vermeer Plant--Photo by National Weather Service

Bondurant-Polk County

An EF 2 tornado with peak winds estimated at 115 miles-per-hour. A small tornado, it was just 40 yards wide. It struck at 2:50 p.m.

The top floor of this house in Bondurant was taken off by a tornado-Photo by National Weather Service

Marshalltown-Marshall County

The time of touch down is unknown at this point. It was an EF 3 tornado with estimated peak winds of 144 miles-per-hour.

Damage to the Lennox Plant in Marshalltown-Photo by National Weather Service
House damage in Marshalltown-Photo by National Weather Service

According to the National Weather Service,

...we are still finalizing the track length and width and this information will be available at a later date. Also, results from the additional tornadoes are anticipated to become available in the coming days/weeks as we sort, analyze, and review radar data, photos, videos, and high resolution satellite imagery.