What do we do with the $50,000 reward for information leading to the return of Jayme Closs? That's what Wisconsin authorities are trying to decide after Jayme was found alive last week.

Thursday, January 10, the 13-year-old Closs approached Jeanne Nutter near Gordon, Wisconsin, who took her to a home where they called 911. Closs had been missing 88 days since the night her parents were shot and killed and Jayme was kidnapped from her family's home. A 21-year-old Wisconsin man has been charged with kidnapping, first-degree intentional homicide (two counts), and armed burglary in the case.

One place the money won't be going is to Kristin and Peter Kasinskas. Kristin is the one that called 911 after Nutter took Closs to their home seeking help. The Kasinskas won't accept the money, even if it's offered. Peter says authorities should give the money to Jayme because "She got herself out."

According to KCCI, the $50,000 reward is made up of $25,000 from the FBI and another $25,000 from the Jennie-O Store where Jayme's parents worked. The Barron County Sheriff's Office and FBI continue to discuss where the reward money will go. I completely agree with Peter Kasinskas. Give it to Jayme Closs. She saved herself and thank god she did.

You can hear Kristin Kasinskas' 911 call below. The entire length of the call is at top with the edited call at bottom.

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