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Imagine living your whole life with someone, and then they're suddenly gone. You are suddenly looking for someone else to live with and make your life whole. Our Furry Friday cat is Cali. She came to SAINT Cat Rescue after her owner passed away. Cali is 14 years old. Will you be the one to take in this super senior?

The first thing about Cali that strikes you are those amazing green eyes! We've heard that they're even more amazing in person! Cali is a senior cat, and after she arrived at SAINT Cat Rescue, they were concerned that after losing her longtime owner, she might not adjust and refuse to go on. But Cali proved that she still has plenty of living left to do! She began eating again and is now looking to find her new forever home.

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At 14 years old, Cali's favorite activity is probably going to be located somewhere near your lap. She loves to snuggle and watch TV. In fact, whenever someone sits down, Cali comes over right away to sit on that lap! We're not saying that she still won't have a burst of kitten energy from time to time, but if you want a lounging buddy, Cali is your cat!

To bring Cali home, all you need to do is contact SAINT Car Rescue in Cedar Rapids. Start the adoption process and who knows... You and Cali could be snuggling together this weekend! Call to set up an appointment at 319-551-7537.

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