The 4th of July lands on a Monday this year, but that's not the main reason so many people will be on the roads.

This weekend, AAA is estimating 43-million Americans will be traveling, an all-time record. Why? The reason is two-fold.

Gas prices are reason number one. Nationwide, gas is averaging $2.31 per gallon, nearly 50-cents less than at this time last year. Here in eastern Iowa, in most cases, it's quite a bit less than that. That and a U.S. economy that is doing fairly well is leading lot of families to travel as well. AAA estimates almost 84 percent of people will travel by two, three, or four wheels this weekend, putting around 36 million people on America's roads.

That still leaves seven million who will travel by air, which could make the airports uh, fun.

Wherever your travels take you this weekend, allow some extra time to get there and have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend.

[via KCCI]

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