June 3 | 8:00 am - 11:00 am
Fairfax City Hall
300 80th St. Ct., Fairfax, IA 52228 United States

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Lyme Warrior 5K

Saturday, June 3 at 8 am in Fairfax

It's a 1K/5K that will start and end at Fairfax City Hall. More information is below.

Every year 427,000+ people are diagnosed with Lyme Disease. There is no cure and testing is only 20-30% accurate. Many doctors do not recognize this illness and treatment options have to be paid out of pocket.

Our goal is to create resources to shorten the amount of time between diagnosis and getting your life back from Lyme Disease!

Some patients can lose years to decades of their life trying to learn how to battle this disease and with support from wonderful people like you, we can provide patients and caregivers the resources to get better faster and get back to living!

Help us change the future of Lyme Disease Patients by joining us on Sat. June 3rd at 8:00 am for our First Annual 1K/5K Run/Walk. This event will begin and end at Fairfax City Hall. We will have Dustin from A Special Event DJ & PhotoBooth Services, our own PhotoBooth, a swag table, cookie table with hydration and protein shots from Sunrise Nutrition, a morning prayer (Nancy Bell), and Phil Hedtke will be singing our National Anthem. The table items are free, but both will have a “Goodwill Offering Jar" if you would like to donate.

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun to bring AWARENESS to this horrible disease. If you want to just bring a chair and your cup of coffee, you are welcome to hang out in the parking lot with us; the more the merrier.

Lyme Warrior 5K
Lyme Warrior 5K