I had to check the calendar over the weekend. Yep, it still says November. What did we do to deserve such a long stretch of amazing weather? It just goes to show that 2020 has given us a few nice surprises here and there. A week of weather with high's near or in the 70's nearly every day? I'll take it! Unfortunately, mother nature remembers what month it is too and our great run of weather is about to come to an end.

First of all, this warm streak we've enjoyed has been a record breaker! CBS2 reports that the 6 straight days of temperatures in the 70's is a record for the city of Cedar Rapids. We also broke the record for most 70 degree days in November that was set back in 1909! But, change is coming. After another warm, but cloudy day today, rain chances increase. The first wave of rain is set to begin after sunset tonight and last through the night.

Another wave of heavier rain is expected to hit on Tuesday in the late morning or early afternoon. CBS2 reports that most of the Tuesday will be rainy especially before the evening commute. Rain totals well over one inch, possible up to two inches are possible across Eastern Iowa.

So while the rain will mark the end of our run of 70 degree days, remember, it could always be worse. The rain could be snow! And in a mater of weeks in probably will be.

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via CBS2 app
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