The Iowa town featured in Grant Wood's “American Gothic” painting has entered a new contest from HGTV!

Eldon, Iowa, home of around 900 people, "wants to lure more full-time residents and resuscitate its declining downtown," according to The Gazette. Residents of Eldon have recently faced some economic challenges, as well as two floods and a big fire. The article also states they are in need of some lodging, a grocery store, a restaurant, and more housing. That's where HGTV comes in.

Ben and Erin Napier, the stars of the network's series "Home Town," are taking their show on the road for a new 6-episode special event called "Home Town Takeover." The couple has already helped to revitalize their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, so they definitely have the necessary experience. The HGTV article states:

"...any citizen of a small town (population 40,000 or less) who loves their own hometown can go to and log on to show, tell – and sell – HGTV on why theirs is the one town most deserving to be featured in the special series. Applicants should strive to highlight aspects of their town that make it special, fascinating, historic or unique — including distinctive features like vintage period architecture, special destinations or a classic main street."The article adds that "citizens of the selected town can expect to witness the rehab of multiple individual family homes as well as the revitalization of public spaces —parks, local diners or restaurants, and outdoor recreation areas."

Eldon posted their 5-minute video showcasing the town and its struggles to YouTube yesterday, where it's already received nearly 3,000 views:

We wish the best of luck to Eldon, Iowa! Read more on the town from The Gazette article HERE.

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